Semay; sky.

Semay Studio is inspired by the journey of females all over the world. We are cultivating a new definition of the mindful female, where intersectional ideals reinforce the root of all wellness. Being aware of this can ground the way we collectively advocate for humanity.

Female story sharing + advocacy goods is what we live for.

m i n d f u l

we are mindful of positive internal and external growth

e m p o w e r i n g

we are empowering the values our females hold

s i m p l i s t i c

we are simplistic in nature, feeding tangible and intangible needs

c o m m u n a l

we are cultivating a community of like-minded females



s h o p   i n t e r n a l   w e l l n e s s


First seek to understand, then to be understood. Our wall art is designed to internally fuel your mind by bringing positivity into your most sacred space; your home.

s h o p   e x t e r n a l   w e l l n e s s


Our garments are made with genuine cottons, simplistic fabrics + are printed locally in Canada. Go from day to night, fitted to oversized; positive representation always included.

s h o p   a l l   p r o d u c t s

the alluring activist, the economic entrepreuneur, the societal self

May 12, 2018

Creative Living with Calista Cooper: 5 Tips to Be Your Best Self

Calista Cooper: artist, art educator, wife, creative spirit. I first met Cali at a school here in the city. Instantly...

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the alluring activist, the economic entrepreuneur, the societal self

March 24, 2018

Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga: Zabie Yamasaki

Zabie Yamasaki: mother, educator, activist, survivor, holistic healing consultant.  Zabie Yamasaki is empowering survivors to heal through the sacred practice of...

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the alluring activist, the societal self

January 11, 2018

Times Up: A Letter of Solidarity

November, 2017 A letter was wrote from the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, addressing the need for solidarity to the women...

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to live internally and externally well