the beginnings

Semay; sky.

A few changes are happening at Semay Studio.

Semay Studio delivers artistic expressions of the female voice, by Bella Sium. This expression exists through words, paintings, images and mixed mediums. I am cultivating a new definition of the mindful female, where intersectional ideals reinforce the root of all wellness. Being aware of this can ground the way we collectively advocate for humanity.



artistic expressions

The process of making known; thoughts and/or feelings.

My works deliver artistic expressions of the female voice using four different mediums.


w o r d

poetry; ink

p a i n t

abstract; tempera, watercolor, oil

i m a g e

canon; people, objects, places

m i x e d

combination; word, paint, image




female story sharing

Sharing the voice of those willing to speak.

View the latest stories on a collection of females; all with a beautiful journey.




Join as you are;

grow as you see, hear, be.