Q: What does Semay mean?

Semay is a word derived from the Tigrinya language, spoken by our creators family in Eritrea, meaning sky or skies. The symbolism behind Semay offers no limitations to what our female community can achieve.

Q: What makes Semay Studio unique?

We believe in positively advocating for the growth of our next generation. Semay Studio’s internal meets external motto caters to the tangible and intangible needs of our customers. Our uniqueness lies in the power of our products, as we hope they guide our community towards positive growth.

Q: How did Semay Studio learn how to (insert skill)?


Our creator realized the importance of marketing early on, when completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. Fast forward to today. The heart of her business growth stems from so much more than conventional marketing. Staying true to her personal values is what drives her passion and voice behind Semay Studio.


Semay Studio’s culture is developed by our creator. Her second degree, a Bachelor of Education in Social Studies, taught her many invaluable lessons. In combination with this, she has learned the value of advocating for what she believes in through her experience as a mother and educator.

Q: What brands and individuals inspire Semay Studio?

Semay Studio loves brands that seek to positively influence the greater society. A few of our favourite brands include:

The Wing, a New York virtual store and home base for women on their way, believes that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space to make their lives easier.

Huda Alvi, a life influencer, CEO, women’s advocate, mother and wife, has an interactive blog and business that caters to a variety of topics for women.

MSFTSrepublic, a virtual store, encourages individuals to think for themselves by offering Mystery School and positive apparel. Their cool, grunge vibe is designed by Jaden and Willow Smith.