The Importance of Customer Input

Good afternoon community,

Semay Studio has launched.

Let’s dive into the beginnings of our brand philosophy and mission and how to connect with your customers using three mindful tips.

Engage in interactive conversations

Philosophy and mission; two jam packed words. In brainstorming different business paths for Semay Studio, it was important to our team to create a brand that had a clear and defined purpose. I wanted to develop something for the people, by the people. As I all sat down to tackle the logistics of Semay Studio, I turned to a digital article in none other than, Entrepreneur Magazine. In reading about brand and product launch, several ideas started to connect in my mind about the importance of our customers’ voice. I already understood the impact of reaching out to customers in an interactive way. This article however, helped me gain the confidence to act on having those true, raw conversations with my target market.

Welcome responses

In the winter of 2016, I spoke on behalf of our team and reached out to 50 potential customers asking what they value in garments of clothing and in advocating for a positive, wholesome society. Our responses were so in depth and valuable to us that we reached out to another 50 participants. Originally, Semay Studio was designed to advocate for social justice and inclusion among all genders and social groups. After we sat down to analyze the responses we received, a good portion of participants wanted to see just this, but with a female focus. Several wanted to connect with a brand that catered to advocative women.

About 80% of participants did not want to see another brand, claiming to “do good.” They wanted to “see good.”

I welcomed this idea with open arms, as it reinforced everything our team is passionate about. After our focus was tweaked to represent female intersectionality, our participant responses helped us develop Semay Studio’s philosophy and the 4 main pillars that comprise our mission. These give a name to our brand, where everything that is put forth has a clear message and philanthopic act tied to it. Read more about our philosophy here and our mission here.

Build on continuous feedback

Shortly after I connected with potential customers I instantly started to receive feedback about my brand. Questions such as what goals are you wanting to achieve and who are you hoping to influence, were brought to the table. I sat down to truly welcome the philosophy and mission of Semay Studio into my heart. I quickly realized the platform I wanted to create and build on. This passion kept leading me back to what a friend once told me, when you know better you do better. As Semay Studio grows, I am hoping to continually do better.

Always be kind. More to come,

Bella Sium

Image credits: @gravityhomes

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