Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga: Zabie Yamasaki

Zabie Yamasaki: mother, educator, activist, survivor, holistic healing consultant.  Zabie Yamasaki is empowering survivors to heal through the sacred practice of yoga. When I was first introduced to Zabie’s mission, I found myself wanting to dig deeper and deeper into who she is and what she is doing for women of today. I contacted her a Read More

Times Up: A Letter of Solidarity

November, 2017 A letter was wrote from the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, addressing the need for solidarity to the women of Hollywood involved in sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The females coming forward include Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd, to name a few. Time Magazine published the letter, written on behalf of Read More

Slave Trade in Libya: What Can You Do?

Videos have surfaced showing African migrants in Libya allegedly being auctioned off and sold as slaves. “Slavery has no place in our world and these actions are among the most egregious abuses of human rights and may amount to crimes against humanity.” -Antonio Gutteres, UN Secretary General What can you do? Your impact. 1. Advocate Read More