Everyone is motivated by something. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, educator, and like so many women out there, so much more.


I am motivated by everyone around me; from my daughter, to my husband, to the children I read about, meet and educate. I have always been an advocate for humanity, but when my daughter was born in the spring of 2016, I was at a turning point in my life. I was now entering motherhood. I became so immersed in wanting to set a positive example for her and guide her towards a healthy journey. This interest deepened my passion in how females fuel their minds and bodies for the sake of being role models for humankind.

Rewind to 2015 with me as I take you through a few of my thoughts during this year. With our world advancing in every which way, it is ironic that the representation of females continues to be compromised. I was constantly asking myself questions about this, with one question being at the forefront; are we motivated enough to advocate for a positive, wholesome society? Not merely for ourselves, but for our women of tomorrow. In asking myself how we can ignite positive energies and harmony, I realized the need for influential leaders and brands that take wellness to the next level. Advocating for this society we envision in our dreams will undoubtedly influence our young females.

As this realization was formed, the idea behind the social enterprise, Semay Studio, was created.

Semay Studio represents so much more than a brand. We are a network advocating for women of today and for our next generations to come.

Bella Sium